Service Requests

What is an After Hours Emergency?




The following is a list of emergencies for which you should call the answering service.  Please be advised, if you call for a non-emergency, you will be charged a $50 administrative fee.  We want to be available to each of you when a true emergency arises.


Emergency Issues (problems that cannot wait until the next business day)

  • Disturbances of any kind.
  • Fire - Call 911 first!
  • No heat.
  • No water.
  • Water leaks that cannot be contained (use buckets). Faucets or toilets that won’t turn off. 
  • No electricity or electrical problems. P lease remember that replacing light bulbs is the responsibility of the Resident. Call Salem Electric if the problem affects more than your apartment. (540) 375-3030
  • Smoke alarms sounding in other parts of the building.
  • Natural gas odor in the apartment or building.  If the smell is strong, leave immediately without touching any phones, electricity, windows, etc.  After leaving, then call the emergency number.
  • Clogged toilet when there is only one and after you have tried your plunger.
  • Drain back-up. This means drains back up when you are not running water - sink, toilet, or shower.
  • Air condition drain line leak causing damage.  When possible, put a bucket underneath to catch water until the next day.
  • Safety issues such as stairwell lights out causing pitch black. If there is other lighting, Service Technician will visit the next day.  Other safety issues are: windows on 1st floor not locking, exterior doors not secure.
  • Locks changed for security reasons.  Non-security matters can wait until business hours.
  • Pool violations, unsafe play, unauthorized people.


Important Issues (Can be handled during the day on non-business days. You may call the answering service, but service will occur on the next day).

  • AC not working & tomorrow is NOT a regular business day.
  • No hot water & tomorrow is NOT a regular business day.
  • Refrigerator not working & tomorrow is NOT a regular business day.
  • Common area lights out, but not causing pitch black & tomorrow is NOT a business day.

Non-Emergency Maintenance Issues (Call your property manager the next day).

  • Stove or oven not working.
  • Dripping Faucets
  • Clogged toilet (if you have more than one toilet).